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Novus Labs has transformed the traditional venture builder model into a framework for Web3 success.

Web3 Venture 

Novus Labs is a venture builder creating an ecosystem of in-house start-ups within the blockchain space. Our mission is to harness our exceptional team’s blockchain experience to build the Web3 brands of tomorrow.

As a team of industry veterans with an in-house development studio and an expansive global network, we address tangible problems that result in sustainable, scalable businesses. This is how we know our Web3 portfolio is destined for success.


We self-fund and scale up to five Web3 projects each year, positioning them for external investment, partner blockchain grants, and follow-on funding.


Our team has worked with blockchain technology since 2013, and we take a hands-on approach in shaping proven Web3 strategies.


We offer a formal introduction to members of our global network and headhunt key personnel to expedite the growth of our portfolio companies.

Leading the Web2 to Web3 revolution

At Novus Labs, we also work with experienced Web2 partners to conceptualize and launch pioneering Web3 brands. We collaborate on everything from product strategy to growth, enabling us to harness blockchain technology to overhaul antiquated industries.

Our Portfolio

Full Force

A next-gen approach to marketing and fundraising powered by genuine community engagement


Simplifying complexity in Web3 with a no-code toolkit built for developers by developers

Polaris AI

The most accurate market predictions model on the market today, now powering Sumsy Signals


MyTicky turns event tickets into an immersive experience, all thanks to blockchain technology

Concept to launch in six months

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 5
Month 6
Concept Definition
Concept Definition

Every good Web3 project starts with a clear vision. We get our heads down to get the details right.


More than just aesthetics: everything about our brands speaks to our audience at an emotional level.


Our development studio handles everything from the product build to deployment on the blockchain.

Test & Launch
Test & Launch

Once we know everything works perfectly, we use proven strategies to maximize our chance for success.


full-time personnel


in-house developers




portfolio companies


We’ve worked in crypto since 2013, so we offer unrivaled expertise and know what it takes to build successful Web3 companies.


Our team consists of entrepreneurs, web & blockchain developers, legal specialists, and highly experienced investors.


We've helped raise over $1 billion in venture capital, invested in 100+ Web3 projects, and incubated 25+.


We've assembled a group of world-class mentors who remain on-hand to support every Novus Labs project.

Create. Build. Scale.

Novus Labs is a venture builder that deploys the resources required to create thriving Web3 companies.

With enterprise-grade developers and a combined 20 years of experience, we’ve launched DeFi platforms, investment-grade NFT marketplaces, even a token-gated experience for the launch of the BMW XM.

We are a team of industry veterans with an expansive global network, giving each portfolio company unparalleled access to technical, marketing, financial, legal, and regulatory support.

Our in-house Web3 marketing agency and gamification platform has even been known to grow crypto-native communities by over 800x.

Novus Labs Blog

Learn about our venture builder model, our Web3 portfolio, and our extensive partner network.

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